12 March 2007

A naked ambassador and Drudge

No, it's not the missing phrase from a crime report in a Smoking Gun contest, it's the Daily Bleah.  Here's the latest batch of crap from the major media...

ABC: Woman Mistakenly Calls Cop for Drug Buy
ABC: Alleged Bank Robber Bites Police Officer
CBS: Swiss Dis Could Mean 75 Years In Thai Jail
MSNBC: Americans lovingly stuffing pets with meds
FOX: Starbucks Reportedly Planning Record Label
FOX: Pop Tarts: Christina Aguilera Plays 'Dirrty' Doctor in the Bedroom
FOX: Israel Recalls El Salvador Ambassador Who Was Found Naked, Drunk and Bound
CNN: Scavenger-hunting teens find street signs, hose and police
BBC: Soap torture complaints rejected
New York Times: To Have, Hold and Cherish, Until Bedtime
Washington Post: New Ann Coulter Book Coming in October
Washington Post: Why Drudge Matters

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