13 March 2007

Killer meat-eating frogs, metal bats and a 91-year-old

No, it's not the opening acts and the ancient headliner at this year's Ozzfest, it's the Daily Bleah.  Here be the latest slices of headline hell from the major media...

ABC: N.M. Declares Official State Tie: Bolo
ABC: Raccoon Back on the Menu at Fundraiser
ABC: Four Arrested After Waffle House 'Dash'
CBS: New York City May Ban Metal Bats
MSNBC: 91-year-old gets stuck, literally, on his roof
FOX: New Fuels Smell Like Chicken, Taste Like Beer
FOX: From Halle to Angelina, Famous Body Parts in Demand
FOX: Killer Meat-Eating Frogs Terrorize San Francisco
CNN: Lawyers squabble over DNA in fight for Anna Nicole Smith's baby
BBC: Stallone charged over growth drug
New York Times: AT&T Megastore Aims to Make It Fun to Buy a Phone
Washington Post: Chicken Fat Spill Shuts Down La. Highway
Washington Post: Court: No Fake Snow at Sacred Peak
Washington Post: Dryer Death Prompts Call for Probe

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