14 March 2007

A virile gorilla and the value of zero

No, it's not an explicit Sesame Street outtake, it's the Daily Bleah.  Here are the latest in throwaway headline goodness from the major media.  Kudos to WaPo for being extra crappy today.

ABC: Police: Dad Hides Stash in Girl's Pocket
ABC: Does Bush Resemble Leonidas or Xerxes?
CBS: Study Warns Of Desk Jockey Clot Danger
MSNBC: Celebrity fashion designer charged with rape
FOX: Will Heather Mills McCartney 'Break a Leg'?
FOX: K-Fed Getting Out the Britney Shears?
CNN: Hard-bitten New Yorkers want mugger's head
BBC: Monkeys tour tackles ticket touts
New York Times: The Value of Zero Is Increasing
Washington Post: Attorney: Woman Lit Chi. Fire With Money
Washington Post: Virile Gorilla Leads to Baby Boom at Zoo
Washington Post: Hard-Core Porn Interrupts News Show
Washington Post: Church to Remember Turkey With Silence

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