02 March 2007

White House was behind ejection of Denver activists

The Denver Post is reporting that the White House was behind the booting of three people from a 2005 appearance by President Bush in the Mile High City.

"White House staffers directed two men serving as bouncers at a 2005 Denver appearance by President Bush to eject three activists from the public event, the bouncers said under oath today," writes Bruce Finley for the Post.

Well, color me not shocked at all.

"It was the first time," Finley continues, "in the long-running controversy over the barring of the so-called 'Denver Three' from the Bush event that specific White House officials have been named as having been involved in the ejection."

The guilty parties on the Bush payroll were ID'd under oath as Jamie O'Keefe and Steve Atkiss.

Atkiss, a White House advance stooge, had a part to play in Bush's double secret trips to Iraq:
Steve Atkiss, 26, deputy director of presidential advance, beckoned for me to climb into his mammoth white rented Dodge pickup.

Atkiss drove a few blocks to a concealed parking lot and told me to step out, that someone wanted to talk to me. Bartlett stepped out of his car, smiling mischievously at the surprise meeting.

"I have news," he said. "The president is going to Baghdad."
And so, perhaps, are O'Keefe and Atkiss, for some tours outside the Green Zone.

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