02 March 2007

Paralyzing burritos and pink flowers

No, it's not a newly unearthed Frank Zappa album, it's the Daily Bleah.  I'm gonna make this a (semi-)regular feature at JfH, since I got some amused emails about my post yesterday.   Please, folks, feel free to add your own bleah links in comments.

Today's winning crap stories from major news media...

ABC: Smith's Funeral to Feature Pink Flowers
CBS: Sad Day For Cup Noodle Lovers
MSNBC: Taliban official says bin Laden is alive
FOX: Florida Man - Chicken Burrito Paralyzed Me
CNN: Fender benders can dent wallets
New York Times: For the Super-Rich, Too Much Is Never Enough
Washington Post: Dominatrix Charged at Yeshiva's Estate

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