27 April 2007

Raw video of Jessica Lynch rescue in Iraq

Someone posted new raw video of Jessica Lynch's rescue in Iraq on Live Leak...


Anonymous said...

Yup, just as we suspected, a Hollywood-type production from start to finish.

That poor little girl, being used as a pawn. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Did you see how scared she was. Thank God they got her out of there.
I'm sure when Karl Rove heard about her, he was the one that caused her to be used.
This administration is evil.

Wade F. Godot said...

The rescue was delayed an entire day, by White House orders, so that all the video cameras could be prepared.
A new low has been reached in playing politics with troops' lives.
neocons = scum

Volum said...

I wonder if, and how many of the soldiers knew this was all a big propoganda scam.

So disgusting.