02 May 2007

Blair's ex-Defense Sec. says of Iraq, 'We didn't plan for the right sort of aftermath'

Isn't it reassuring to hear war planners rue their incompetence years (and many deaths) later?

Geoffrey Hoon, British PM Tony Blair's former Defense Secretary, tells The Guardian, "We didn't plan for the right sort of aftermath." No shite?

"Maybe we were too optimistic about the idea of the streets being lined with cheering people. Although I have reconciled it in my own mind, we perhaps didn't do enough to see it through the Sunni perspective. Perhaps we should have done more to understand their position," Hoon was quoted as saying.

I won't even go into the part where Hoon admits that the Brits hadn't understood or appreciated Cheney's influence. You can read it all for yourself here.

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