02 May 2007

Things Maddox learned from anonymous stock photo models

Damn that Maddox and his best page in the universe, I was just gonna blog about the very things he talks about here.  A slice:
When a corporation claims to be diverse, what they really mean is that they hire black people, asians, and a latino every now and then.  There is no image more meticulously engineered in this world than that of a corporation's statement on "diversity."
He lists just 9 things he's learned about the world according to anonymous stock photo models, but I think he's missing one: Only ad people are truly happy, it seems.  I see more and more ads where people are grinning their asses off for no discernible reason.  I have cell service, cable TV, life insurance and sugar-free gum, but thinking how lucky I am to have any of them doesn't give me a raging chubby.  I hope someday I can attain the adpeople level of nirvana.

There's no better way to observe this phenomenon than by perusing a Scientology pamphlet.  Those podspore zombies smile in every shot as though they're high on all the same psychotropic drugs they constantly rail against.  I'd link to an example shot but I don't feel like being sued into oblivion by a sinister gang of New OT VIII's.

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