20 September 2006

Swift Boat... er... Vote Vets target Rick Santorum

You all knew it was coming, and it’s going to get uglier before it gets better… that is, if people still pay this shit any mind.  VoteVets.org, after recently side-swiping incumbent Sen. George Allen (R-VA) with some success, are targeting frothy GOP poster boy Rick Santorum (R-PA) with their next ad, now up here at YouTube.  Same format, same guy, same damning laundry list (detailed in a Vote Vets press release), same intent: Swift Boat the neocon motherfuckers and get some semblance of payback for the now legendary 2004 character assassination of presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry (D-MA).  Hey, it’s the way the game is played and it goes back to the dawn of time.

Next up, Vote Vets plans on targeting Florida GOP Rep. Tom Feeney’s hair.

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