30 October 2006

Saddam was 'willing to yield' to US but Bush didn't respond

According to a press release at PRNewswire, a “former political adviser to Saddam Hussein’s son” said that the deposed Iraqi strongman was “willing to yield to all American demands“ (emphasis mine) before the invasion of Iraq, but the Bush administration blew it off.

The press release, viewable here, quotes someone named Hossam Shaltout, a “Canadian aerospace engineer, former American pilot,” and founder of some peace organization as saying, “Saddam was willing to yield to all American demands … to reach peaceful resolution, but the Bush administration, including Elizabeth Cheney, undersecretary of State, David Welch, the U.S. ambassador in Egypt, and Gene Cretz, his political attache, did not respond to his offers.”

Shaltout additionally said that “when the Americans arrived in Baghdad, he offered his assistance to the U.S. military officials,” only to get arrested by Marines.  He claims to have videotape and supporting documents.  Well, bring it on, man!

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