23 February 2007

Fuzzy Zoeller Wuz a Plaintiff

Fuzzy Zoeller or Ray Charles?The Smoking Gun reports that pro golfer and Tiger taunter Fuzzy Zoeller is suing some douchebag at a Miami law firm who "vandalized" Zoeller's Wikipedia entry.

I've had my own run-ins with Wikipedia spooks who keep tampering with my lengthy entry. I'd give you the link, but I don't want any more trouble, damnit.

As for Zoeller's crybabying (he claims the fudgery has "damaged his reputation and caused 'mental anguish' and loss of income," as if being a lippy bonehead isn't damaging enough), I really had little interest in the supposed "vandalism" until I perused the documentation at TSG.

In the complaint, Zoeller is referred to as Mr. Doe, as his lawyers had tried desperately to obscure his real identity even though a 7-year-old could just Google the text and find it out in no time. On the third page, one section of the suit quotes a "false and derogatory paragraph" included in the tweaked Wikipedia entry (emphasis mine):
Later Mr. Doe went public with his alcoholism and prescription drug addiction, explaining that at the time he made those statements, he was 'in the process of polishing off a fifth of Jack (Daniels) after popping a handful of Vicodin pills.' He further detailed the violent nature of his disease, recalling how he'd viscously beat his wife Dianne and their four children while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. He also admitted feigning a ruptured spinal disc in 1985 so as to be prescribed a multitude of prescription medication.
How in name of buckets of fried chicken does one "viscously" beat one's wife? Does Zoeller have some debilitating excretory affliction? Does he sweat Vaseline? Is he half-slug?

More importantly, how does someone spell "feigning" correctly but not "viciously?"

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